Access to most reliable view of the plants & status of delivery targets

Advanced Reports such as production, rejection, downtime and OEE

Pareto charts provides real-time data for accurate & effective data analysis

Real-time monitoring of your entire plant.Take smarter decisions

ShopWorx has been modeled around the problems of shop floor data and brings the entire plant on a single page that is updated in real time.We use IoT sensors from that helps collect data and then run analytics and ML to train an algorithm and finally deploy it as a real-time solution to decrease downtime and burn rate.

Remote Operations Management

Take the guess work away!One of the root causes of issues in the guesswork that lies in inventory management, OEE, and labour issues. The cogs of the machine are never in unison, which results in data being biased, inconsistent, expensive or in most cases, entirely inaccessible.

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

  • Automate preventive maintenance
  • Predicts time/ condition based maintenance
  • Apps for supervisors to assign maintenance activity
  • TV Dashboards displaying maintenance activity

Statistical and Advance Process Controls (SPC & APC)

  • Real-time configurable charts
  • Alerts on TV Dashboards, SMS, Email
  • Standard SPC formula
  • Manual data capture through E-Logbook

Quality Inspection

Kill the defects at the occurrence stage.

  • Real-time monitoring of Process parameters
  • Captures reasons for rejections digitally
  • Continuous monitoring of processes parameters (e.g. pre-treatment, pH, etc.)
  • Analysis of batch rejections

Operator Assistance System

  • Share relevant information with the operator

  • Real-time trends and prediction visible to the operator

  • The operator can enter data for QA checklists, JH checklists through a touch panel

  • SOP’s, Diagrams can be shared, which can be accessed by the operators on the tablet/ touch panel

Advance Analytics and ML

  • Predict rejections at the Shop Floor

  • Recommendations in advance for the production planner to mitigate risks

  • Detects real-time production roadblocks/ issues

  • Predictive quality with ML

End to End Traceability

  • End to end traceability increasing RFT

  • Defect traceability

  • Decreases consumption by reducing weight variability

  • Real-time consumption tracking

Utility Consumption Monitoring

  • Monitoring of Electricity, Water, Steam, Gas, Fuel, Air, etc.

  • Real-time consumption monitoring and analytics

  • Improvement in energy by 5-7%

Visualize KPIs Look at key metrics

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“ShopWorx increased ourshop-floor production capacity by 40% in 2018 with no additional machines!"
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